Nest Bedding is one of many Shopify-based merchants who’ve come to us recently wanting to bring a more immersive, engaging customer experience to their online store.

As a business that sells beds—and does a majority of their sales online—Nest’s problem was easy to understand. When you walk into a real-life mattress store, you’re not expected to stand in the middle of the room and choose one at random. But that’s exactly the kind of impersonal, overwhelming experience the online store’s customers were receiving before they came to us.

We helped Nest remake their entire customer experience. Now when a customer visits the store, it’s more like walking into a real-life showroom, with a sales associate to guide the process, show them the right product, and hold their attention and trust all the way to checkout.

What’s keeping you up at night?

When we design any new store, whether it’s on Shopify or another platform, the first thing we do is get to know the merchant’s business. From talking to Nest’s people and looking at their numbers, it was easy to see that they were struggling to get the right product in front of their customers. That tends to happen when your products are displayed in a generic product grid, and it’s even worse when the product in question is as tough to shop for as beds.

We also found that the product detail pages weren’t conveying the right kind of information. As designers, we’re still a little ways from being able to let customers “try out” beds online, but there are things you can do to replicate that experience and lead shoppers to make an emotional connection with the product.

Lastly, we knew we needed to do a better job with content. Nest is a highly regarded brand with a litany of accolades—press clippings, celebrity endorsements, and 5-star reviews galore—but all that great content was being crammed like old plaques on a wall at the back of the store.

A warmer, more instructive shopping experience

We started with the homepage, replacing the old kitchen-sink approach with a curated selection of best products. Nest knows their business well, and they knew right away which products they wanted to feature. Customers still have the option of digging deeper into Nest’s catalogue, but now when they visit the store they’re given a much warmer welcome—and that goes a long way in establishing trust.

For the product pages, we knew it would be important to balance the tactile with the technical. Beds are interesting as a product because they’re a large investment for most buyers, and they’re also highly sensory. The customer is making a lot of considerations—hard or soft, springs or not, less expensive or more expensive. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to overwhelm them with decisions. At the same time, you don’t want to be too warm and fuzzy or else the customer might feel like they don’t know what they’re doing—and again that goes back to trust.

Content ended up being key to our designs. We worked closely with Nest, mixing lifestyle photos with more detailed product shots, using graphics and information sections to highlight the features that help sell their products the best. We also found a prominent place for customer reviews, and built trust with some of that impressive social proof that was getting lost on Nest’s old site.

Overall, we designed a store that will keep customers engaged from the moment they land on the site through the selection, decision and purchasing process. It’s exactly the kind of next-level ecommerce work we love doing on Shopify—helping merchants take that next step and bringing their businesses to new heights.

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