is an industry leader in payment processing equipment. In a highly technical market, they saw an opportunity to differentiate themselves with world-class ecommerce design.

Credit card machines, pin-pads, POS systems, cash drawers… If you’ve ever had the good fortune of shopping for any of these products, then you know that the market for them is pretty antiquated and, uhhh, not exactly customer-friendly.

When came to us wanting to redesign their website with a customer-first approach, we thought it sounded like a great idea. We’ve seen the amazing success of ecommerce platforms like Shopify thanks to the friendly way they cater to merchants, and we knew that a brick-and-mortar commerce solution like could benefit from the same UX goodness.


At the start of every project, we go through a discovery phase where we gather information about the client’s goals and needs, the types of people they serve, and their unique pain points. In our research, we found that’s competitors, from Staples to more niche websites, put a strong emphasis on products but tend to overlook the people they’re meant to serve. We knew we could design a better experience for businesses shopping for payment solutions.

“CardMachineOutlet’s new theme is absolutely stunning. From a UX standpoint, it works perfectly for the industry. I love the filter functionality from the collection pages, and there is very little friction along the sales funnel. Outstanding.”

Carter Russell, Account Manager, Shopify

Along with wanting their new site to be informative, easy to navigate, and responsive across all browsers and devices, expressed a wish to drive more conversions, boost their SEO, and improve their social media presence. They showed us some of the websites they liked—Best Buy for its strong use of product filters, Airbnb for its engaging homepage—and we shared some wireframes.


We had a lot of back and forth throughout the process, and we listened closely to the client’s feedback. Once the visual designs were locked down and approved by both sides, we handed it off to our developers. We’ve had plenty of experience building custom stores for Shopify, so our eight-week estimate for development, plus another couple weeks for QA and client approval, turned out to be bang-on.

With their new site, immediately saw their sales and conversions climb. Shopify also took notice and featured the site as a model example of custom store development. For our designers and developers, it was a great opportunity to dip our feet into a pretty technical niche (as products go) and design a solution that makes life easier for our client and their customers.

“Pixel Union’s team is efficient, experienced, and a pleasure to work with in terms of communication and collaboration. We received a world-class ecommerce website that has already led to increased sales and conversions.” Sherif Mohamed Gadallah, CEO,

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