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Bindery $59

Bindery is a responsive, grid-style WordPress theme with the look and feel of an expensive magazine. It’s designed for portfolios and blogs that define themselves with high-quality images but still value publication-level typography.

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Geneva $59

Geneva is a single-channel theme that gives you complete control over how your images are presented. Fully responsive, it abounds with white space, features an array of post customization options, and offers one of our most versatile layouts.

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Rainier $59

Rainier is a minimalist theme that emphasizes details and ease of customization. With optimal whitespace, high-quality typography, robust theme options, and the power of WordPress, Rainier is the peak of style and functionality.

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Atrium $59

Atrium is a single-channel theme designed to keep your content cleanly organized. Bright and spacious, its modular sections give you the perfect framework for any type of content, whether you're a brand, blogger, photographer or visual artist.

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Oslo $59

Oslo is a two-column WordPress theme ideal for portfolio and general blog use. A uniquely customizable sidebar houses your logo and all your social media links, while your titles and written content are displayed in an elegant typeface.

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Studio $59

Studio is a lightweight, grid-based portfolio for photographers, curators, illustrators and other visual artists. Its spare elements—sidebar, portfolio pages, thumbnails—are all customizable, and it's designed to scale perfectly on any device.

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Alto $59

Alto channels the best of digital publishing to provide the perfect online home for all your content. Sharp lettering, clear organization, a custom header, and two post styles give your visitors a refined and engrossing reading experience.

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