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Synthesis for Tumblr

Synthesis is a fully responsive premium theme by Pixel Union. It's our champion of balance: an alchemical marriage of unpretentious form and function. Minimal yet refined, Synthesis' razor-thin lines give your blog character without bloat. Facebook comments, a responsive layout, more features than you have fingers.

Total Responsiveness and Image Scaling

Synthesis flawlessly adapts to any and every possible browser size, scaling itself and your images to fit and look fantastic.

Fully Loaded Sidebar

Rounding out Synthesis’ spare frame is a well-stocked sidebar, which includes room for a bio, social media links, recent tweets, and a liked post feed.


Responsive Design.

We've designed this theme to scale perfectly and look gorgeous on any size browser, screen, and device.

Top notch customer support.

Don't panic. No matter what you're confused or concerned about, our wizardly customer service is here to help answer any questions you have. Check out our support centre for more.