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Longform for Tumblr

Longform is our gilded carriage for text. Typographical refinement and a pristine layout make content pop while staying classically minimal. It's an beautiful and expansive space for the full extent of your creativity, perfect for content-heavy blogs of all kinds.

Refined Typography

Longform is designed for text-heavy blogs, but its carefully chosen layout and typographical options easily back off to let image and video content shine.

Stunning sharebox

Like many of our other themes, Longform includes a share widget on every post’s permalink page, allowing your followers to share your content on other social media.

Responsive Design.

We've designed this theme to scale perfectly and look gorgeous on desktops, notebooks, and tablets.

Top notch customer support.

Don't panic. No matter what you're confused or concerned about, our wizardly customer service is here to help answer any questions you have. Check out our support centre for more.