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Atlantic Minimal for Shopify

Atlantic combines our love of refined typography and framing with massive organization, including a multi-tiered navigation menu, homepage slideshow, and tons of space for featured content. Loaded with four distinct, handcrafted presets, it's flexible, user-friendly, and stunning.


Atlantic is equipped with a highly organizable mega-navigation for stores with lots of links and products, and is easily setup using Shopify’s Link List system.

Homepage Slideshow

Huge, responsive, and fully customizable, Atlantic’s homepage slideshow is a stunning way to feature or promote your store’s hottest wares.

Quick Shop

Atlantic’s quick shop overlay allows visitors to add products to their carts without having to leave the page—product images have hover-toggled “quick shop” overlays which expand to show a robust product selection page, noting when the item’s been added.

Responsive Design.

We've designed this theme to scale perfectly and look gorgeous on any size browser, screen, and device.

Top notch customer support.

Don't panic. No matter what you're confused or concerned about, our wizardly customer service is here to help answer any questions you have. Check out our support centre for more.