Launch is a sleek and stylish theme designed to scale startups into successful stores. Its long-format homepage, customizable full-width modules, and unique crowdfunding and goal-tracking features are perfect for brands on the rise. With three stunning presets and plenty of customization, Launch is as innovative as the products it sells.

Theme Features

Customizable Header

This theme’s header image and/or detail is totally customizable.

Customizable Layout

Tons of display options make this one of our most flexible themes.

Drop-Down Menu

A customizable drop-down menu makes navigating your site a breeze.

Fully Responsive

This theme is optimized to look perfect on any browser, screen and device.

Modular Design

Flexible modules make it easy to arrange and rearrange your content.

Integrated Social Feeds

Highlight your Instagram and Twitter feeds directly on your store's homepage.


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 22 reviews
by BabyTripster on
Super helpful support

the theme is cute but i had some specialized customizations for it that the website guy could not do - so i reached out to Pixel Union. They are the best!!! They were patient and made all of my customizations that i asked for and really helped me a lot. I recommend them highly!

by Ryan on
Been with PixelUnion for years

Their products are great and their customer service is amazing. They respond within a day and dive in to fix problems. What else could you want?

by Takeout Kit on
Professional team behind this template worth $$$!

I am happy with the theme overall. When I switched my store from a free theme to Launch, my sales took off. I've had a lot of compliments about it from designer friends too (and I'm not a designer nor know HTML). Steve in support is AMAZING too! He patiently helped remove the hover on the product titles so that my customers can scroll more easily.

by Kat on
User Experience Lacking

I am a graphic designer and have designed and customized many different Shopify themes. I used the Launch theme for a shop that had 2 different product skus. It is really hard to drive around this theme and most of the time it is not intuitive which resulted in our project taking a tad bit longer than expected just because we had to learn how to drive around the theme. The "Product features" and "technical specifications" can only be customized to showcase one product sku on the product pages which isn't helpful if you are trying to showcase more than one item. Our team likes the home page layout feel, but the padding around all of the sections on the homepage were rather large and we had to hire a developer to fix some of the little aesthetics here and there. We also thought we could change out the icons throughout the website with our own icons and we couldn't. This is something we also hire a developer for. If you have a developer on your team that's awesome! (But if you don't just be prepared to have someone ready to help you on the little details) ESPECIALLY if you have more than one product sku.

Hi Kat,

Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Much of what you've written aligns with other feedback we've received about Launch, and we're very interested in hearing about your experience and using it to develop future versions of the theme.

I hear what you're saying about the theme being difficult to "drive" if you have multiple SKUs. There's actually a fairly straight-forward fix for adding product focus/tech specs to multiple product pages, but it sounds like your developer has already sorted that out for you. We are working to make it a more obvious, intuitive process, and will be prioritizing that in future versions.

Your feedback about the padding is also appreciated. We've tried to variablize those as much as possible to accommodate user preference, but perhaps we could be doing more. I'll log your comment for our developers!

Finally, we've been incrementally consolidating the different icon library fonts. Its not a quick process, but seeing as it's a fairly common request, we're trying to expedite it as much as possible.

Anyway, I've forwarded your thoughts on to our product team, and want to thank you again for taking the time to review the theme. Best of luck with your store!

by Blackbin Miami on
Absolutely love this theme

It does exactly what our store is looking for. With that said, the reason for my review is not just because of the theme. Rather, I want to compliment the exemplary support I received from Steve and the Pixel Union team. Responsive, efficient, and helpful. Thanks so much guys!

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