Handy is a groundbreaking Shopify theme built to convert mobile shoppers. Edge-to-edge design, horizontal browsing, and a quick contact bar maximize limited screen space, while a focused search improves product discoverability and drives conversions wherever your customers are. Enter a new age of ecommerce with a theme that puts mobile users first.

Theme Features

Customizable Layout

Tons of display options make this one of our most flexible themes.

Search-Focused Menu

Allow customers to easily search your store for products, tags, and more on mobile devices.


An easy-to-use, multi-tiered menu makes browsing an absolute pleasure.

Mobile-First Design

Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of mobile shoppers first.

Quick Contact Bar

Display contact information, store hours and location with a stylish set of icons.

Integrated Social Feeds

Highlight your Instagram and Twitter feeds directly on your store's homepage.


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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by DE LA COMMUNE by Reese De Luca on
A great looking minimalist theme that perfectly matched my brand image.

Robert has been an amazing help with fine-tuning everything in order for me to launch the new site/theme. A+

by Charley Chau - Luxury Dog Beds & Blankets on
Looks great, works really well (especially on mobile).

We're a small business but many of our customers tell us that when they find us online the impression they have is of a very well put together, smart company because of the way our website looks and works. This is the third theme by Pixel Union that we have implemented on our website - we like it and most importantly, our customers like it!

by NaturaMum on
Nice one!

Great theme, very much mobile optimized! And also very important, a great support team behind it.

by Nomads Cove on
Just bought this theme and I'm loving it!

Beautiful, minimal aesthetic with all the fundamental ecommerce functions you need. Built for mobile shoppers but looks great on desktop too. The support team have been super responsive and helpful to all my questions - thanks Reid! Highly recommend.

by Audrey on
Lots of issues, not ready for use. Probably should still be in beta.

I give it 2 stars for being a pretty theme. However that's about it. I was probably one of the first to purchase this theme and honestly I'm having a ton of issues getting this theme up to snuff. Lots of weird little issues like words cropping off images or weird gaps in the page. Theme seems to have propensity to break. It just seems like it should still be in beta with all the little problems that crop up. Coupled with the fact that pixel union can be very slow to respond to requests, this just isn't working out for me.

Hi Audrey. Thanks for taking the time to write a review, and for being one of the first to purchase our Handy theme. I'm sorry to hear that implementing the theme has turned out to be such a headache. I understand both Reid and Steve have been working with you on some image aspect ratio issues in your slideshow, as well as some funny business arising from poor app integrations. We do our best to make our themes play nice with other apps, but with literally thousands of options out there from hundreds of different developers, things aren't always as smooth as we would hope. We'll continue to work with you on your store, and greatly appreciate your feedback.

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