How to Integrate Your Popups with MailChimp

Table of Contents

Connecting an Email Signup popup to your MailChimp account is easy. To start, you’ll need a Pixelpop account and access to a MailChimp account.

Step One: Creating a list in MailChimp

Log in to MailChimp (or create an account here) and click “Lists” in the top menu. If you already have a list you’d like to use, great! You can skip to Step Two. If not, click “Create List” in the top right corner. Name your list, indicate the email address and name that your campaign will send from, and write a summary to remind people why they’re on your list. Select your notification preferences and click “Save”.


Step Two: Creating a newsletter popup

Log in to your Pixelpop account from your Apps dashboard in Shopify. You can either connect MailChimp to an existing Email Signup popup, or click the purple “New Popup” button to create and connect to a new one. To create a new popup, follow the instructions (here) and choose Email Signup under “Popup Type” in the popup editor.

Step Three: Connecting your popup to MailChimp

You can connect your popup to MailChimp either from your Pixelpop dashboard or within the popup editor.

Connecting from the dashboard:

After you’ve created an Email Signup popup, you can connect it to a MailChimp list by clicking the purple “Integrate with MailChimp” button right below your popup.


This button will appear if your popup has not yet been integrated with MailChimp—it doesn’t matter if it’s published or not. Once you’ve clicked “Integrate with MailChimp”, an Email Collection window will pop up to customize the connection. 


Toggle “Connect [popup name]” on, and choose a MailChimp list from the Mailing List dropdown. Now, anyone who gives you their email via this popup will automatically be added to this list in MailChimp.

Note: Pixelpop connects emails to MailChimp at regular intervals, so it may take a few minutes to appear in your MailChimp List.

Connecting from the popup editor:

If you’re creating a new popup or editing an existing Email Signup popup, you can enable MailChimp integration from within the editor. Under “Options,” click the green “Connect MailChimp” link under the “Sync Emails” heading.


This brings up the same “Email Collection” dialog as connecting through the Dashboard. Follow the steps above to toggle the connection on, choose or change a MailChimp list, and enable or disable double opt-in authorization. Click the green “Save and Close” button. To edit your connection preferences at any time, click on the green “Emails” link within the popup banner.
You did it! You connected your Email Signup popup to MailChimp!  


What is ‘double opt in’?

If you’ve ever signed up for an email newsletter, chances are you’ve encountered a double opt-in. Essentially, it requires anyone who adds their email address to your popup to agree (again) to being added to your list. After submitting their email the first time, they will receive an email from MailChimp requesting confirmation that they would like to be signed up for your newsletter. You will not see their email on your MailChimp list until they have completed the double opt-in process.

Why is the number of emails captured different than the number of emails I see in my MailChimp list?

If you use the “Preview” window in Pixelpop to test-add emails, this will add to the total number of emails captured in your Pixelpop dashboard, but they won’t actually be added to your MailChimp list. However, all of your real emails—including those added before you connected MailChimp—will be added to the list.

Why can’t I see the emails immediately in MailChimp?

Pixelpop works fast, but it can still take a few minutes to transfer new emails from the app to your MailChimp list. Have faith! They’ll get there.

What else can I do in the Email Collection window?

Lots! You can download a CSV file of all the emails you’ve captured so far, change the list your popups are connected to, and disable the connection to your MailChimp account at any time.

Why are there emails in the email CSV that aren’t in MailChimp?

There’s a few reasons why the number of email addresses in your CSV file might not match up exactly with the number in MailChimp. For one, MailChimp will filter out emails it thinks are “fake,” such as “” or “” MailChimp also doesn’t recognize “role addresses,” meaning emails that start with “info@” and “help@” and “webmaster@” might appear in a CSV file but not on your MailChimp list.

If you want to learn more about why MailChimp does this, you can do so right here, otherwise just realize that the numbers won’t always add up, and that’s perfectly okay.

What will happen if I de-authorize MailChimp from “My Account” in the Pixelpop dashboard?

Disconnecting MailChimp from your account settings will automatically disconnect all of your email signup popups from MailChimp at once, even if they’re unpublished. Your popups will no longer sync with MailChimp, however emails will continue to be captured and stored by Pixelpop (you can download a CSV file of them at any time).

If you decide to reconnect MailChimp, your popups will remain disconnected from MailChimp until you re-enable them individually. This can be done from the email connection dialog box, accessed through either your dashboard or the popup editor.

Do my unpublished popups sync to MailChimp?

Yes. Your popups do not need to be enabled in order to sync to MailChimp (though, obviously, no new emails will be added if your popup isn’t actively capturing email addresses).

If I delete my popup will I lose the subscribers that added from that popup?

You will no longer be able to access the CSV, however the emails captured will remain in MailChimp.

I see a red error bar at the top of my dashboard. Why?

If you delete a MailChimp list that a popup is currently connected to, Pixelpop will warn you that any emails being captured will no longer be connected to the MailChimp list. Make sure to change your list in the email connection window!

Are there any limits to the number of emails Pixelpop will collect and send to MailChimp?

No. Pixelpop will gather as many emails as possible and automatically sync them to MailChimp. You can never have too many friends!