Find your Twitter widget ID

If a Twitter widget you are attempting to enable asks for a Twitter widget ID, you will need to create a new widget from your Twitter widget settings page.

To access the Twitter widget settings, log into the Twitter account that you want to use with your widget. Then click the gear in the top right-hand corner and click Settings. From the settings sidebar, pick the Widgets tab at the very bottom.

On this page, locate the Create new button and press it to create a new widget. From here, you will be offered configuration options and a preview of the widget. You can always change the widget’s configuration options later.

After you’ve created the widget, the Create new button will be replaced by a Save changes button. Now that your widget is created, you can grab the widget ID from the URL. Look at your browser’s address bar. It should have a URL that looks something like this:

Your widget ID is the 18 digit number. In this case, 512253083833733120. Remember to keep this number private, so your widget will not be used by others without your permission.

Copy your ID and paste it in the text field that asks for your widget ID. After saving your settings, your new Twitter widget should be functional.

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