General App and Plan FAQ

How many popups can I create?

As many as you like! The only set limit is how many views your popups can have. For example, the Free plan is limited to 500 total views per month.

How do I change plans?

When in your dashboard, click Plans in the header menu. There are four plans to choose from: Free, Starter, Growth, and Pro.


Our free plan is limited to 500 total popup views per month, so if your store gets more visitors than that, you might want to consider upgrading. If you exceed your limit of 500 views, your popups will no longer appear within that month.


The starter plan is $12.00 per month and offers 10,000 popup views every month.


The growth plan is $24.00 per month and offers 50,000 popup views every month.


The pro plan is $48.00 per month and offers unlimited popup views every month.

How can I cancel my plan?

There’s a link to cancel right below your current plan details in the dashboard.

Will this app work for any shopify theme?

It sure does! Some popup themes pair best with our Pixel Union Shopify themes, but all of them can be customized to fit whichever Shopify theme you use.

Do you accept all currencies and payment methods?

As a Shopify app, all payments are run through their system. Since you’re already paying for Shopify, we’ll simply appear as a line item on your Shopify bills in whichever currency you have currently set up.

My popup isn’t showing up

Domain name change

One common cause for this error is switching your primary Shopify domain to a custom domain: for example, from to

Our servers don’t know yet that you’ve changed you domain. But it’s an easy fix! Simply log back in to Pixelpop with your original store URL and we’ll update your domain listing.

Dismissing the popup

If you dismiss the popup, it will temporarily disappear. To view the popup again, open up your site in a incognito window.

Browsing in an incognito window disables any past history or cookies, allowing you to view your website from the perspective of a first-time visitor. This is important to do if you’re testing, for example, scheduling or delay options.

  • In Chrome, go to File and select New Icognito Window.
  • In Safari, go to File and select New Private Window.
  • In Firefox, go to File and select New Private Window.
  • In Microsoft Edge, select the More (…)   icon,and then New InPrivate window.

How do I find out who has signed up for my newsletter?

In your Pixelpop dashboard, scroll down to find your newsletter popup. On the left-hand side, you can click Get Emails to download a .csv file of your subscribers emails. You can open the file in a spreadsheet application to view them (e.g. Numbers or Excel).

If you use a marketing email service for your newsletters, you can directly import the .csv to one of your mailing lists. See our article on how to upload subscriber emails to your marketing email service.

I still have questions. How do I get in touch?

You can send a support request through our contact form. We’ll get back to you within two business days.