Since 2009, we’ve provided strategic design services for partners and clients ranging from startups and budding entrepreneurs to the world’s leading content and commerce platforms. We’ve helped thousands of businesses grow through beautiful, simple, elegant design.


Services we offer

We offer a full range of design and development services. As our client, you’ll be in touch with our experienced project management and leadership teams, with updates provided and questions answered at every phase of the project.

UX design

We understand the importance of a smooth, frictionless user journey. We’ll help you define business requirements, develop user profiles and workflows, and identify core functionality to create in-depth wireframes that will pave the way to a world-class user experience.

UI design

Great interface design is about delighting users with beautiful visuals and seamless, intuitive interactions. We’ll help you establish a consistent visual language that speaks to your brand, steps beyond passing trends, and keeps your users and customers coming back for more.

Front-end development

Our front-end developers are highly experienced, fluent in multiple frameworks, and understand the importance of clean, eloquent code. We approach every project with longevity in mind, and our developers work closely with our designers to seamlessly bring ideas to life.

Back-end development

We understand that code is a living entity that needs to scale and adapt as your business grows and new information comes to light. We’ll help you pick the stack that fits the nature of your project and long-term goals, delivering a final product that prioritizes maintainability.

Product strategy

We’ll help you develop a complete roadmap for your product. That means identifying the unique problem you’re aiming to solve, understanding the best methods and solutions for solving it, defining and prioritizing key features, and creating a successful go-to-market strategy.

Customer support

As a digital design agency, we’ve served millions of customers, and we stand behind our products. Our dedicated customer support team offers ongoing service, whether that means squashing bugs the moment they arise or providing more in-depth services to clients in need.

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“Pixel Union’s team is efficient, experienced, and a pleasure to work with in terms of communication and collaboration. We received a world-class ecommerce website that has already led to increased sales and conversions.”

Sherif Mohamed Gadallah


How we work

Our team brings a breadth of product knowledge and experience from our work with startups, emerging brands, and Fortune 500 companies. Our core business is primarily ecommerce-focused, informed by our years of experience developing for numerous platforms. We use analytics and a deep understanding of information architecture best practices to inform our start-to-finish product design process.


Phase 1: Discovery

We start by identifying your key business requirements and the problem(s) you’re trying to solve. We examine the paths taken already in order to solve each problem, and we come up with new, alternative, and better solutions. We also look closely at the users and customers you’re trying to serve, defining user profiles, fully understanding the user journey, and identifying key features and functionality.

Phase 2: UX design

Once we understand the problem you’re trying to solve, we begin wireframing core components, developing prototypes, and testing interactive elements. In this phase, it’s important to not get distracted by visual design, and to focus on crafting an experience that resonates with users. We use all available data, following information architecture best practices to test and validate our assumptions.

Phase 3: UI design

In this phase, we take what’s already great about your brand and translate it into a digital interface that’s beautiful, simple, elegant, and intuitive. We take into account current trends and best practices but always look to move beyond them, establishing a design language and style guide that will become familiar to your users and help them navigate their way smoothly throughout the experience.

Phase 4: QA & testing

When it comes to our own products, we don’t release anything until we feel comfortable standing behind it 100%, and the same goes for our client projects. In this final phase, our QA team works tirelessly to find anything our designers or developers might have missed. That means stress-testing every component of a product, making sure no dead ends or bugs exist, and ensuring a seamless delivery.