Adding popups to your Shopify store doesn’t have to be an ugly experience. Pixelpop makes it easy to create beautiful popups, promos and banners that boost engagement and conversions while complementing the aesthetic of your store.

As a Shopify merchant, you spend a lot of time and money getting people to visit your store. Even after they’ve landed there, it’s hard to keep their interest and convert them into customers. Pixelpop helps you increase engagement and sales with popups designed to look amazing on mobile, tablet and desktop.

You can use Pixelpop to tell your customers about new products and promotions, offer discounts and coupon codes, direct traffic to product pages and collections, promote special content like gift guides and blog posts, collect email signups for your newsletter, get more social media followers—and a lot more.

Boost clicks, conversions and sales

Pixelpop makes it easy to not only create great-looking interactions, but to manage your popups and track their performance over time. Pixelpop’s simple, elegant dashboard is your home for managing your popups and campaigns, and watching them boost engagement and conversions across the board.


Start boosting engagement and conversions today.

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Building mailing lists is a breeze

Want to capture customer emails? Connect Pixelpop to your MailChimp account in a few simple slicks, and watch your newsletter audience soar. With MailChimp integration enabled, any email signups captured by Pixelpop will be automatically added to your selected mailing list. If you don’t have MailChimp, you can download a CSV file and upload it your mailing list tool of choice.

Gorgeous, customizable popup themes

Pixelpop comes with a collection of free-to-use popup themes designed to make sure your popups look professionally optimized for your store. Since 2011, our premium Shopify themes have helped more than 15,000 merchants build better experiences for their customers. We’ve designed these themes to do the same for your store, while still allowing you to customize colours, fonts and images.


All features, all the time

Every Pixelpop plan comes loaded with great features. Paid plans feature more monthly popup views, as well as exit-intent delays.

Beautiful popup themes

Create great-looking popups, promos and banners with a selection of responsive, customizable themes by Pixel Union.

Full-screen editor

Make sure your popups look just right on mobile, tablet and desktop with Pixelpop’s full-screen editor and live preview.

Visitor targeting

Schedule and set your popups to target select visitors based on their location, the pages they visit, and any referral campaigns you run.

Performance tracking

Easily manage and track your popups’ performance, and watch as they boost your conversions, clicks and sales.

MailChimp integration

Connect to your MailChimp account and use newsletter popups to capture email signups directly to any mailing list.

Google mobile-friendly (new!)

Don’t worry about changes to Google’s algorithm hurting your SEO. Pixelpop is 100% Google mobile-friendly on all plans.

Exit-intent & other delays (new!)

Engage visitors at the perfect time with exit-intent delays, time delays, pages-viewed delays, and scroll delays. Check out the video!

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Simple and clear pricing

Perfect for stores that are just getting started, with up to 500 popup views per month. We also add Pixelpop branding to popups.

Starter – $12/mo
Ideal for growing stores, with up to 10,000 popup views per month.

Growth – $24/mo
Suited to stores with large customer bases, with up to 50,000 popup views per month.

Pro – $48/mo
Best for very large stores, with up to 300,000 popup views per month.

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