The Holiday Handbook for Shopify Entrepreneurs is your free guide to driving traffic, increasing sales, and boosting conversions during the busiest shopping months of the year. With topics ranging from design to sales to shipping and more, we’ve got you covered.


From choosing the right theme to keeping it updated, our design section will have your Shopify store looking top-notch.


While marketing can seem overwhelming, we focus on a few key aspects that will help you drive traffic and increase sales.

Social Media

Using Instagram to showcase products not only expands your reach, but also allows you to sell on its platform. We’ll show you how.

Sales & Promotions

It’s important for your sale to stand out. We have tips on how to achieve this, and app recommendations that will take you there.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Traffic is nice, but sales are better. Increase your conversions with simple tactics that are also super-easy to implement.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Shipping becomes extra-important during the hectic holiday months. Refining your shipping and fulfillment strategy is essential.

Customer Support

When your customers have questions, it’s important to respond quickly. Connect more effectively using our support tips.

Holiday Checklist

Use the handy checklist at the end of the handbook to track your progress and stay focused through the holiday season.

Have a successful holiday season!