Another year, another ecommerce record smashed.

According to Adobe, shoppers spent $6.59 billion on Cyber Monday this year, making it the single largest day of online sales ever. (If this feels like déjà vu, it’s because the previous record was set three days prior… on Black Friday.)

While merchants clamber to keep up with seemingly non-stop orders, we’ve been busy here at Pixel Union making sure our Shopify apps—Pixelpop, Countdown Sales Timer, and Free Shipping & Discount Bar—are engaging and converting customers on the biggest shopping days of the year.

In the process, we’ve been able to glimpse some of the innovative and inspiring ways merchants are using these apps, and today we’re showcasing some of our favourite examples in hopes of inspiring you.

After all, the buying bonanza is far from over. Adobe predicts ecommerce sales will top $100 billion this holiday season, and as of today we’re only halfway there.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Breda hero image of two people;s hands with pinkies interlocked while wearing wristwatches and a Friendsgiving promo popup


There’s a lot to love about this card-style email signup popup from Breda.

For starters, it’s an email signup popup (and we’ve already covered how important it is to build your mailing list this time of year). For another, they’ve nailed the incentive, offering users a generous 25% off for signing up.

Finally, by framing their sale around “Friendsgiving,” they’ve effectively sidestepped any potential Black Friday creep blowback while still running a promotion on Thanksgiving . Have your pie and eat it too!

Beehive's "beemerry" holiday discount promo bar and hero image of a winter scene

Beehive Handmade

I don’t know about you, but we saw a lot of “BLACKFRIDAY20” and “CYBER25”  discount codes this past weekend. So many we almost started trying them in random stores to see if the key fit.

What’s great about Beehive Handmade‘s code is that it’s different. It’s positive and it’s on-brand and doesn’t it look great up there in that discreet but appealing top bar? They even toss in a free shipping offer—clearly, a merchant after our heart.

SIN's Thanksgiving homepage grid of three images with a tabletop promo popup


Speaking of discount codes, here’s another one! What we love about SIN‘s isn’t the code itself so much as the design of the popup, which manages to attract attention and complement the overall look and feel of the site.

Note how the royal blue (which isn’t so far from our own Pixel Union blue) mirrors the other elements on the homepage. This reassures returning customers they’re in the right place, while providing an experience to new users that’s consistent with their brand.

Equal Uprise homepage wool hats as hero image with email subscription popup

Equal Uprise

Not to be outdone, minimalist lifestyle brand Equal Uprise also has a pretty darn good-looking, on-brand popup.

But it doesn’t just look nice. It also builds anticipation and exclusivity by offering subscribers sale access a day earlier than “everyone else” (who wants to be lumped into that category?).

Even when the store isn’t running a promotion, their newsletter signup copy invites users to “be the first in line” and enjoy the “perks” of being a subscriber. Fuel that FOMO!

Crioll homepage product category grid with Countdown Sales Timer

Crioll Design

There’s nothing like a ticking clock to get customers to checkout. That’s what makes Countdown Sales Timer so great—it lets you promote flash sales and other timed offers with a sleek timer bar that reminds visitors they need to act fast if they want to get in on the action.

Crioll Design‘s Black Friday timer is a model example of CST. They’ve matched the colour and fonts to their store, clearly communicated their offer, and included both a discount code and a call to action. Check, check, aaaand check!
Campaign custom image Pixelpop popup for Small Business Saturday


You can create some downright dazzling popups with Pixelpop‘s popup editor (as evidenced by the stores in this post). And yet, when merchants take things to the next level with a custom image, we can’t help but notice.

Campaign‘s Small Business Saturday modal is popup perfectionAs a company that designs furniture “to complement your life, not constrain it,” maybe that shouldn’t come as a surprise. But the perfect pairing of serif and sans-serif fonts combined with an appeal to check out their goods in person has us itching to get in on their offer.

Province of Canada discount Pixelpop popup

Province of Canada

Hold onto your hats, ’cause our friends at Province of Canada are about to challenge everything you thought you knew (or everything we thought we knew) about running multiple apps and popups on your store simultaneously.

First, they’ve got a subtle black-and-white timer at the top of their site counting down the remaining days, hours, and minutes of their sale. Then, they’ve got a contrasting, can’t-miss-it popup informing users of their Cyber Week(end) sale (which—get this—includes free shipping!).

Pixelpop + Countdown Sales Timer = Slam dunk. Who knew?
Felony Case Free Shipping & Discount bar on while iPhone case product page

Felony Case

No 2017 roundup would be complete without a shining example of our newest Shopify app, Free Shipping & Discount Bar. Designed to build urgency and encourage customers to add  cart value by telling them how close they are to receiving free shipping, FSDB is a simple tool that packs a powerful punch.

Felony Case used it to great effect during their BFCM sale, creating a free shipping threshold that was just above the price point of most of their products. Not only did offering free shipping win them points with customers, it also helped offset shipping costs, and increase conversions and order values. Win-win.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to see what you can do with these apps in your store, head over to the App Store and treat yourself to a fresh copy of Pixelpop, Countdown Sales Timer, or Free Shipping & Discount Bar. Be sure to let us know how it goes!


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