Artifact store screenshot

Store Spotlight: Artifact Skin Co.

If you’ve been to an Anthropologie store lately, you may have seen some beautifully packaged, naturally made skincare products emblazoned with a circular anchor logo. That’s the mark of Narae Kim and Elie Nehme, the Toronto-based founders of Artifact Skin Co., an online store launched on Shopify in 2014


Alternative Holidays to Boost Your Sales in 2016

When you’re planning your sales calendar for the new year, certain days make for obvious targets: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday. It doesn’t take an MBA to see why holidays like these account for a significant chunk of most retailers’ marketing budgets—not to mention their annual sales.

Part 7 - Success in the New Year

10 Ways to Break the Post-Holiday Sales Slump

Every year, business owners have the same fears following the holiday season. They see their revenues dropping after a soaring fourth quarter, the returns flooding in, and they start to feel as deflated as that blow-up Santa still flapping around on the neighbour’s roof. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Revenue Per Visitor 101

9 Ways to Increase Your Store’s Revenue Per Visitor

Tracking your metrics can be dizzying if you’re a first-time merchant. With so much data available—AOV, CAC, LTV, RPC, and so on—it’s easy to get buried under stacks of reports and lose sight of what’s really important. The holidays are even trickier for tracking the health and performance of your store…


Soldsie’s Alan Fong Talks Instagram Marketing, Social Commerce

If you’ve ever tried to market your store on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that the only clickable link is the single line of text in your profile bio. This is fine for driving traffic to your homepage, but the lack of clickable caption and comment links makes it hard to send followers to your product and collection pages.