We believe in better themes for better platforms for a better web.

When Pixel Union started out, we were a small team with big dreams. We didn’t know quite what we wanted to do, but we had a good idea what we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to reshape publishing and self-expression on the web. We wanted to empower people to become visionaries and entrepreneurs. We wanted to create beautiful products that we ourselves would use.

We released our first theme, Fluid, in 2009. This was in the days before Tumblr had a theme marketplace, when the platform was just taking off. Within a few days, Fluid had over two million installs. From there, faster than any of us expected, we became one of the web’s leading theme providers, serving some of the world’s biggest names: David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, Snoop Dogg; Tesla Motors, McDonald’s, the LA Lakers, The White House.

In those early years, we worked closely with Tumblr to build up their marketplace. We learned that we weren’t just making products for individuals: we were helping Tumblr develop its platform, finding out what its users wanted, from new features to better ways of sharing and engaging with content. As much as making themes was about empowering creators and promoting self-expression, it was about building worlds and solving really complex technical problems.

Since then, we’ve made some great WordPress themes and undergone the same platform-building process with Shopify. The past few years designing ecommerce themes have been especially rewarding. We hear from customers every day about how we’ve changed the way they do business, how having an online store has helped them grow and diversify and have more time to focus on making products. We’re proud of our work with Shopify, the way we’re changing the ecommerce landscape, allowing mom and pop stores to compete with major retailers in a global market.

We still think of ourselves as a small team, but we’re growing faster than ever. If you think you might be a good fit for us, whether as a designer, developer, or part of our all-star QA/support team, head over to our Careers page. We’re also always working on custom projects, so if there’s something you want developed, whether it’s a totally new theme or some kind of customization to an existing theme, head over to our Custom Services page.